We specialize in the post-audit of freight bills and freight payment records. Post-auditing is an integral link in your company's freight-payment process.

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Why post-audit?


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Post-auditing is a no cost, no risk service that will lower your logistics expense, increase your profits, and improve the accuracy of your billing and payment systems.



Why Post-Audit?

  • Carrier billing errors are prevalent, even in today's computerized environment.
  • Budgetary constraints can limit the resources available to effectively and accurately process large numbers of freight bills.
  • Carrier pricing information can be difficult to organize and maintain.
  • There is no risk because there is no direct cost for the service.
  • Reduction of logistics expenses and dollars returned to bottom line.

The Traffic Control Service Approach:Post Audit Freight Bills - tcs-audit

  • Personal, professional service that yields tangible results.
  • An in-depth audit that goes beyond rate errors to identify duplicate payments, missed consolidation opportunities, incorrect accessorial charges, saving initiatives, in-house plus and less freight system mistakes, payment firm errors and much more.
  • Concise, timely status reports and customized management summaries of claim activity.
  • Thorough pursuit of all claims to resolution.
  • No retaining fees or other charges, we share only dollars returned to your bottom line.

How Does This Benefit You?

  • Improved bottom line.
  • Recovered freight revenue that would otherwise be lost forever.
  • Verification of carrier billing accuracy.
  • Greater control over tomorrow's costs through implementation of savings initiatives.
  • Better organized and up-to-date carrier pricing information.
  • Identification of potential undercharge exposure and problem areas.
  • Verification of payment firm - or internal accounting system - accuracy.
  • Consulting support that recommends transportation strategies consistent with your company's operating goals.
  • Reduction in overall transportation expense.

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