We specialize in the post-audit of freight bills and freight payment records. Post-auditing is an integral link in your company's freight-payment process.

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Freight Billing and Payment Errors

Freight billing errors - traffic control service

Carrier billing and payment errors occur for many reasons. Our service will identify and rectify these errors - and refunds will be secured on your behalf.


  • Billing Errors - Truckload Shipments

    • Incorrect rates
    • Incorrect mileages and fuel surcharges
    • Missed consolidations
    • Duplicate billings and payments
    • Inappropriate or incorrect accessorial charges
  • Billing Errors - LTL Shipments

    Traffic Control Service Freight Billing Errors
    • Incorrect or missing discounts
    • Adding discount amount to bill instead of subtracting it (really happens)
    • Billing incorrect weights
    • Duplicate billings and payments
    • Inappropriate or incorrect accessorial charges
    • Incorrect application of NMFC class
  • Common errors found during the audit of payment records (both in house and 3rd party)

    • Duplicate billings and payments
    • Incorrect payment amounts
    • Wrong carrier paid
    • Payment of another company's freight invoice
    • Payments not matching bol terms (ppd vs collect and pickup vs delivered)

At Traffic Control Service we work with you to rectify these all too common errors and prevent them from occurring again. Call us today or e-mail us to recover your profits.