We specialize in the post-audit of freight bills and freight payment records. Post-auditing is an integral link in your company's freight-payment process.

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Post-Audit of Freight Bills


Post Audit Freight Bills - tcs-auditFreight Costs Out of Control?

A post-audit is an analysis of the billing accuracy of your company's paid freight invoices. It occurs after your invoices have been pre-audited and paid, whether in-house or through a 3rd-party payment service. It is a process that is used to uncover freight billing and payment problems, to help understand why they are occurring, and to recover all logistics dollars lost in the process.

A post-audit returns money to your bottom line. It does not cost ... it pays!

To start, a post-audit involves thoroughly and meticulously checking each invoice for all types of billing errors. These include incorrect rates, excess fuel surcharges, duplicate billings or payments, incorrect accessorial charges, discount errors, freight-payment mistakes, NMFC classification problems, incorrect mileages...and others.

When errors are identified, refund requests are sent to carriers who issue checks payable to your company. These refunds, of money that otherwise would have been lost, lower your transportation expense and improve your bottom line.

In addition to the realization of immediate financial gains, there are additional benefits of a post-audit. These include an increased insight into carrier billing accuracy, better understanding of problems with AP or 3rd-party payment systems, and the identification of potential undercharge areas. A post-audit can even help you organize and maintain up-to-date carrier information. In addition the substantial feedback received from a best-in-class audit will help you to better control and lower tomorrow's logistics expenses.

A post-audit is a no-cost service. All work is on commission so if overpayments are not found and recovered, there is no charge to you.

Our firm is dedicated to the post-audit of freight bills and freight payments. Please contact us today.