We specialize in the post-audit of freight bills and freight payment records. Post-auditing is an integral link in your company's freight-payment process.

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Are Your Freight Payment Systems Accurate 

Our audits of client's payment systems (whether internal or through a 3rd-party firm) have turned up many problems.

These problems include: Traffic Control Service Post-Audit

  • duplicate billings and payments
  • incorrect payment amounts
  • payment to the wrong carrier
  • payment of another company's freight invoices

All of these occur whether payments are made internally or through a 3rd-party - and all result in lost dollars for your company.

Our post-audit will identify these problems, and refunds will be secured on your behalf.

In addition to the realization of immediate financial gains, there are other benefits of the audit. First, it will verify the billing accuracy of your carriers. Second, it will identify any duplicate or incorrect payments that may have been made. Finally, it will help you gain an understanding of any problems that may be inherent in your internal AP or 3rd-party payment systems. This understanding leads to better control and management of tomorrow's freight payments.

The audit of your payment system will return dollars to your bottom line. It does not cost ... it pays!

Our firm is dedicated to the post-audit of freight payments and invoices. Please contact us today.