We specialize in the post-audit of freight bills and freight payment records. Post-auditing is an integral link in your company's freight-payment process.

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Post-Audit Services

For over 20 years, Traffic Control Service has been providing a quality, thorough and remunerative post-audit service to companies throughout the United States and Canada.


Post Audit Freight Bills - tcs-auditPost-Audit of Freight Bills

Carrier billing errors are prevalent even in today's computerized environment. We will identify these errors and return dollars to your bottom line.

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Traffic Control Service - Post Auditing ServicesPost-Audit of Freight Payment Reports

Duplicate payments and payment mistakes can occur whether your bills are processed in-house or through a 3rd-party payment service.

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Traffic Control Service - Post Auditing Consulting Services

Consulting Support

We offer consulting support that recommends logistics strategies consistent with your company's operating goals.
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Because we service a diverse range of clients, our services can be custom tailored to suit the needs of individual companies; however, our solutions remain the same - "improving your bottom line and increasing your profits".